UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on extending the on-line course registration period



To extend the on-line course registration period one week into the term


1.  Motion presenter:  Michael Ferber, Academic Affairs Committee Chair


2.  Dates of Faculty Senate discussion:  2/10/2014, 1/27/2014


3.  Motion: That the Faculty Senate recommends extending on-line course registration until the end of the first week of classes of the spring and fall semesters, with the proviso that all standing restrictions will still apply (and still require paper permission forms) and that instructors will be notified by the Registrar immediately after a student is enrolled.


4.  Rationale: Both the Registrar and the Vice President for Student and Academic Services have recently expressed the view that it would be helpful to students if they could add or drop courses on-line during the first week of classes, and that it would be feasible technically.  Currently students may register on-line only up to the first day of classes; after that they must get a paper add-drop form and have it signed by the instructor.


We considered some objections to this proposal from the point of view of the instructor, who will want to know how many students are enrolled from day to day, may have a policy about attendance at the first class meeting, and the like, but we think these may be met if the Registrar will have set up an automatic notification of the instructor whenever a student signs up after classes have begun.  All controls placed by departments, such as “permission-required,” would remain in place, as would capacity limits, so students would still need to fill out paper forms to have such controls lifted in their case.  First-year students would not be allowed to register on-line, as they are more likely to need to discuss the course(s) in question with the instructor or their adviser. 


We also think this would make late registration somewhat more efficient and more frugal with paper.


5.  Senate action: Motion passed by majority vote.


6.  Senate chair’s signature: Todd A. DeMitchell


Forwarded to: President Mark Huddleston, on February 20, 2014

                        Provost Lisa MacFarlane, on February 20, 2014

                        P.T. Vasudevan, Senior Vice Provost for AcademicAffairs on February 20, 2014

                        Norma Bazylinski, Registrar's office, on February 20, 2014


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