UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on diversity reaffirmation


on diversity reaffirmation


1.  Motion presenter:   Ben Cariens

2.  Date of Faculty Senate discussion:  11/1/2010

3.   Rationale: 

This motion was introduced to reaffirm and renew diversity planning efforts.

4.   Motion: 

Whereas on March 8, 2004, on the unanimous recommendation of the senate’s Academic Affairs Committee, the Faculty Senate adopted a Statement on Diversity as a Compelling Interest and noted that we face special challenges diversifying at UNH (Motion on Statement on Diversity # VIII-M8), and whereas on April 18, 2005, the Faculty Senate unanimously endorsed the vision and seven strategies of the Diversity Strategic Task Force’s five year plan, noting the need to be proactive in achieving diversity at UNH given our challenges, and thereby resolved to appoint two senators as representatives to the Diversity Council (Motion on Diversity # IX-M17), and whereas the first five year plan now needs renewal, be it resolved that the Faculty Senate affirms the desirability and need for the Diversity Council to develop a new five year plan, in order to continue to realize the compelling interest the senate has recognized in diversity for the achievement of overall excellence of UNH. 

5.  Senate action:  passed with thirty-five ayes, one nay, and no abstentions. 

6.  Senate chair’s signature:  Edward Hinson

Forwarded to:  President Mark Huddleston, on November 16, 2010

Forwarded to:  Provost John Aber, on November 16, 2010

Forwarded to:  Wanda Mitchell, Vice Provost and Chief Diversity Officer, on November 16, 2010


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