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Motion on diversity in strategic planning


on diversity in strategic planning


1.  Motion presenter:   Agenda Committee

2.  Date of Faculty Senate discussion:  4/20/09

3.  Rationale:

The Faculty Senate has passed at least two motions on diversity:  the first was a 3/08/04 motion endorsing diversity as a compelling interest (Motion VIII-M8) and the second was a 4/18/05 motion endorsing the strategies and vision of the Diversity Strategic Task Force Five Year Plan (Motion IX-M17).  The Diversity Council voted on 12/8/09 to have the Vice Provost and Chief Diversity Officer write to the President on its behalf and express "...our support for keeping diversity as a core commitment of the University of New Hampshire" and attending to it during the strategic planning process.  The issue was raised at the Strategic Planning forum on 3/31/09, 12:30-2:00, the video of which can be seen at http://www.unh.edu/strategicplanning/workinggroups.html.  At that time the panel, consisting of various co-chairs of the working groups, admitted that, while perhaps diversity had not been explicitly addressed in most of the groups, it is a value that should be addressed.  The panel agreed that more attention was called for.  In the preamble to the Strategic Plan Working Group charges, in the section entitled “General Charge to all Working Groups”, President Huddleston articulates the following criteria: “They should foster and advance the University’s commitment to achieving excellence in all we do through diversity and inclusion.” 

4.  Motion:

The motion is to request that President Huddleston re-charge each group, to address explicitly the issue of diversity in the context of their proposals and for the members collectively to spend some time conversing about ways we can implement the values endorsed in the Faculty Senate diversity motions, in the overall Strategic Plan; and we further ask that the Steering Committee explore ways the groups can enrich diversity in the process of pursuing the other worthwhile values involved in the specific charges.

5.  Senate action:  passed with twenty-seven ayes, two nays, and three abstentions

6.  Senate chair’s signature:  Marco Dorfsman

Forwarded to:  President Mark Huddleston, on May 5, 2009

Forwarded to:  Provost Bruce Mallory, on May 5, 2009

Forwarded to:  Lisa MacFarlane, on May 5, 2009


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