UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on Diversity

UNH Faculty Senate

Motion # IX-M17



1.  Sponsoring committee:  Academic Affairs Committee

2.  Motion presenter:  Paul McNamara

3.  Date of Faculty Senate discussion:  April 18, 2005

4.  Rationale:

Whereas on March 8, 2004, the Faculty Senate passed the “Statement on Diversity as a Compelling Interest” (http://unhinfo.unh.edu/fac-senate/pub/Diversity-VIII-M8.htm) and has thus gone on record as committed to the improvement of diversity at UNH, and

Whereas the senate in that document not only recognized the need to promote diversity and the rationale for doing so, but further noted the special challenges our university faces in achieving a diverse community, and

Whereas we now have before us, for the first time, a comprehensive plan with systemic reinforcers, for the promotion of diversity at UNH, and

Whereas the senate desires not only to see diversity efforts promoted but to be engaged in and contributing to those efforts,

5.  Motion:

Be it resolved that:

The Faculty Senate endorses the seven strategies of the Diversity Strategic Task Force Plan, as well as the vision expressed in the introduction to that plan; and that

The Faculty Senate will appoint two senators each year to serve as the senate representatives on the Diversity Council for that year and will charge that pair of senators to report back to the senate on diversity plans, efforts, and progress that year; moreover

The Faculty Senate hereby gratefully acknowledges the leadership demonstrated by Provost Bruce Mallory and by the new Vice Provost for Diversity, Wanda Mitchell, in promoting and enhancing UNH’s efforts to build a more diverse community; and the senate also gratefully acknowledges the considerable efforts and dedication of the diverse group of colleagues (student, faculty, and staff) that constituted the Diversity Strategic Planning Task Force, as well as the many guests who appeared to consult and aid them in their endeavors over the past year.

6.  Senate action:  passed, on April 18, 2005

Vote:  unanimous

Senate chair’s signature:  Mimi L. Becker

Forwarded to:  President Ann Hart, May 17, 2005

Forwarded to:  Bruce Mallory, on May 17, 2005

Forwarded to:  Wanda Mitchell, on May 17, 2005

Forwarded to:  Paul McNamara, on May 17, 2005

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