UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on Discovery Program Implementation

Discovery Program Implementation

1. Motion presenter: Elizabeth Hageman
2. Date of Faculty Senate discussion: October 20, 2003
3. Rationale

Whereas, on April 22, 2002, the Faculty Senate commended the senate's General Education Study Committee and accepted the basic design of the Discovery Program; and

Whereas, the Faculty Senate on May 5, 2003, commended the Ad-hoc Committee on the Discovery Program for its work on developing an implementation plan for the Discovery Program and asked that the committee continue its work on the plan, meet with the Provost, and report to the Faculty Senate this fall; and

Whereas, the Provost has agreed to the proposed six-year phase-in of the Discovery Program presented by the Ad-hoc Committee on the Discovery Program; and

Whereas, in the spirit of the May 5, 2003, motion, the Provost has committed resources to support the implementation of the Discovery Program in the form of: (a) support of a Faculty Fellow to be appointed by January 1, 2004, (b) a detailed charge to the Faculty Fellow to facilitate implementation, and (c) initial funding for the development of pilot courses; and

Whereas, the Discovery Program implementation program includes phasing in the components of the proposal and evaluating each proposal prior to a decision on final approval by the Faculty Senate;

4. Motion:

The Faculty Senate endorses the adoption of the Discovery Implementation Plan, as outlined in the minutes of May 5, 2003, (and expanded upon on September 22, 2003) and encourages the provost to go forward with the appointment of a full-time Faculty Fellow and the establishment of an advisory committee to initiate the processes specified by the Implementation Plan.

5. Senate action: passed, on October 20, 2003

Vote: 27 ayes and 13 nays

Senate chair's signature: Thomas Laue, on October 27, 2003

Forwarded to: President Ann Hart, on October 29, 2003
Forwarded to: VPAA Bruce Mallory, on October 29, 2003
Forwarded to: Tom Davis, on October 29, 2003


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