UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on Disapproval of the Dean's Response


Disapproval of the Dean’s Response


1.  Motion presenter:   Dale Barkey

2.  Date of Faculty Senate discussion:  4/30/07

3.  Motion:

In an exchange of emails with the Chair of the Chemical Engineering Department on February 15, 2007, Dean Klewicki of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences concluded a message with the declaration “Your argument is cause for me to question your competence, not only as a Chair, but as a rational human being.  In this matter, I have made my expectations clear.  This discussion is now concluded.”

We the Faculty Senate register our strongest disapproval of the Dean’s response to a Chair defending the interest of his department.  We find the response unacceptable.

4.  Senate action:  passed                                              Vote:  with 28 ayes, 8 nays, and 2 abstentions

Senate chair’s signature:  J. C. Salloway

Forwarded to:  President Bonnie Newman, on May 30, 2007

Forwarded to:  Provost Bruce Mallory, on May 30, 2007

Forwarded to:  Dean Joseph Klewicki, on May 30, 2007

Forwarded to:  Professor Steve Fan, on May 30, 2007


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