UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on credit hour policy


on UNH Credit Hour Policy


1.  Motion presenter:   Art Greenberg

2.  Dates of Faculty Senate discussion:   2/27/2012

3.  Rationale:

The wording of the motion is consistent with federal regulations and has been accepted by USNH counsel, NEASC, the senate’s Agenda Committee, and the chair of the senate’s Academic Affairs Committee.  The policy will be included in the UNH catalog, and there will be a normal review of the curriculum in 2015.

4.  Motion:

UNH Credit Hour Policy:  The University of New Hampshire is in compliance with the federal definition of credit hour.  For each credit hour, the university requires, at a minimum, the equivalent of three hours of student academic work each week.  Academic work includes, but is not limited to, direct faculty instruction, e-learning, recitation, laboratory work, studio work, field work, performance, internships, and practica.  Additional academic activities include, but are not limited to, readings, reflections, essays, reports, inquiry, problem solving, rehearsal, collaborations, theses, and electronic interactions.  Student work reflects intended learning outcomes and is verified through evidence of student achievement. 

5.  Senate action:  passed unanimously.

6.  Senate chair’s signature:  Larry Prelli

Forwarded to:  President Mark Huddleston, on March 21, 2012

Forwarded to:  Provost John Aber, on March 21, 2012

Forwarded to:  Lisa MacFarlane, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, on March 21, 2012

Forwarded to:  Registrar Kathryn Forbes, on March 21, 2012


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