UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on the Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws


1. Faculty Senate Committee: Agenda Committee.
2. Committee Chairperson: Jerry Finn.
3. Date of Faculty Senate Discussion: March 19, 2001.
4. Committee/Administrator Responsible for Implementation: Faculty Senate Chair.
5. Motion 3 on the UNH Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws:

In item 3.C. of the bylaws, delete the last sentence and add "A senator may designate another member of her/his department to act as proxy. If two small departments agree to share a senator, they may be represented by one senator with one vote. A proxy for the senator for the combined departments may be chosen from those combined departments. No senator or proxy may have more than one vote."

6. Rationale:

Motion three makes explicit the current policy on representation by proxy.

7. Senate Action: passed 3/19/01, unanimously

Chair's verification: Jerry Finn on 4/5/01

Forwarded to: President Letizel on 4/6/01

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