UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on the Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws


1. Faculty Senate Committee: Agenda Committee.
2. Committee Chairperson: Jerry Finn.
3. Date of Faculty Senate Discussion: March 19, 2001.
4. Committee/Administrator Responsible for Implementation: Faculty Senate Chair.
5. Motion 2 on the UNH Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws:

In item 6.A., change the sentences to: "An Agenda Committee of five members, including the Faculty Senate chair, vice chair and three at-large members, shall set the Faculty Senate agenda and be responsible for the operations of the Faculty Senate. In addition to these five members, the previous senate chair shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Agenda Committee if possible. In the event that the previous senate chair cannot serve, the Agenda Committee may select a replacement."

6. Rationale:

Motion two removes the reference to a faculty secretary, since the senate has never used a faculty member as secretary. This motion also formalizes the position of the senate chair of the previous year as an ex-officio member of the Agenda Committee.

7. Senate Action: passed 3/19/01, unanimously

Chair's verification: Jerry Finn on 4/5/01

Forwarded to: President Leitzel on 4/6/01

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