UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on the Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws



1. Faculty Senate Committee: Agenda Committee.
2. Committee Chairperson: Jerry Finn.
3. Date of Faculty Senate Discussion: March 19, 2001.
4. Committee/Administrator Responsible for Implementation: Faculty Senate Chair.
5. Motion 1 on the UNH Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws:

A. Add italics as indicated to the second paragraph of the preamble.
B. In item 2, add "divisions" after UNH-Manchester. Also change the last sentence in that paragraph from the passive to the active voice.
C. In item 3, change "which" to "that" as indicated in the draft.
D. In item 5, change the first sentence to: "In May of each year, the outgoing Faculty Senate chair will conduct an election, by the members of the Faculty Senate for the following academic year, for a chair, a vice chair, and three at-large members of the Agenda Committee for one-year terms."
E. In item 6.C., change the last two sentences to: "The Professional Standards Committee will have seven directly elected members, one from each of the following: CEPS, COLSA, LA, SHHS, WSBE, UNH-Manchester and the library. In addition the vice chair of the Faculty Senate will be the eighth member and the chair of the committee."
F. In item 6.D., change the sentence to: "The Faculty Senate may establish whatever other committees it deems appropriate, as needed, such as the University Curriculum and Academic Policies Committee (UCAPC)."
G. In item 2.B. of the bylaws, add to the list of committees "the Academic Computing Advisory Committee".
H. In item 4 of the bylaws, change the first sentence to: "For purposes of Faculty Senate membership, the following academic departments are eligible to elect senate members." Also, to reflect past changes in the university, change the list of departments to combine Classics, French, Italian, German, Russian and Spanish into one department and to change UNH-Manchester to list two divisions: UNH-M, Humanities and UNH-M, Sciences.

6. Rationale:

Motion one includes minor housekeeping changes and modifications to adjust the wording to conform to previously passed senate motions.

7. Senate Action: passed 3/19/01, unanimously

Chair's verification: Jerry Finn on 4/5/01

Forwarded to: President Leitzel on 4/6/01

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