UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on Selecting Committee Chairs

Committee Chair Selection

1. Sponsoring committee: Agenda Committee
2. Motion presenter: William Stine
3. Date of Faculty Senate discussion: September 9, 2002
4. Committee/administrator responsible for implementation: Faculty Senate Chair
5. Motion:

This summer the Agenda Committee discussed the organization and efficacy of the standing committees of the Faculty Senate. The Agenda Committee agreed that it would be better to recruit, orient, and support senate committee chairs in the summer preceding the academic year.

The Agenda Committee moves that the Faculty Senate Bylaws be changed to allow the Agenda Committee to appoint chairs to each of the standing committees during the summer. The Agenda Committee has wide representation across the university and would ask senators who have an interest in chairing a committee to contact the Agenda Committee before appointments are made.

Change the first and last sentences of item 2A of the senate bylaws to read, "In the summer of each year the Agenda Committee will appoint members to senate standing committees, after receiving indications of committee preferences" and "The Agenda Committee will appoint a chair to each of the standing committees."

6. Rationale:

We believe this change will strengthen the senate, so that committee chairs are more involved in the planning process, in choosing committee members, and in clarifying charges. Committee chairs will participate in a summer orientation and be ready to lead from the first senate meeting, thus allowing more efficient and effective standing committee deliberations and recommendations.

The change to the first sentence of item 2A is just to conform to the actual practice of appointing members to senate committees in the summer rather than in May.

7. Minority committee report (if any)

8. Senate action: passed, on September 9, 2002
Vote: 36 aye, 2 nay, 2 abstain
Senate Chair's signature: Barbara Krysiak, on September 16, 2002
Forwarded to: University President, on September 17, 2002

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