UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on BA/BS Students Taking Thompson School Credits

UNH Faculty Senate

Motion # IX-M20

BA/BS Students Taking Thompson School Credits


1.  Date of Faculty Senate discussion:  May 2, 2005

2.  Rationale:

Originally, today’s motion was to amend a rule, under Academic Policy 05.33 (fs) Thompson School Courses, which said in part that “BA/BS candidates may take a maximum of 16 credits of TSAS courses….Normally a student may take no more than 4 credits of TSAS coursework per semester….”  This section should be eliminated, because COLSA has approved new undergraduate offerings which include more TSAS coursework than current policy allows and these required TSAS course offerings necessitate extensive petitions to circumvent the old stipulation.  Not removing the sixteen credit maximum would hurt certain baccalaureate programs in COLSA.

The Coordinator of the Community Development BS Degree Program said that the restriction to a maximum of 16 credits is not necessary and is detrimental to many outstanding baccalaureate students.  Also, students who transfer from the Thompson School into the UNH baccalaureate program may transfer up to 64 Thompson School credits into UNH.  However, a professor said that, although credits for courses taken at other institutions may be transferred for UNH credit only if a grade of C or better is earned in the course, UNH baccalaureate students receive credit for a TSAS course if a passing grade of D- or better is earned; and the grade does not affect the grade point average.  He suggested changing the motion to require a C to get credit for the course.

3.  Amended motion:

BA/BS candidates may take more than 16 credits of Thompson School courses but would need a grade of C or better to receive credit for Thompson School courses. 

4.  Senate action:  passed, on May 2, 2005

Vote:  unanimous

Senate chair’s signature:  Mimi L. Becker

Forwarded to:  President Ann Hart, on June 8, 2005

Forwarded to:  Bruce Mallory, on June 8, 2005

Forwarded to:  Mark Rubinstein, on June 8, 2005

Forwarded to:  Regina Smick-Attisano, on June 8, 2005

Forwarded to:  Guy Petty, on June 8, 2005

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