UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on the Academic Plan

Academic Plan

1. Motion presenter: Mark Wrighton
2. Date of Faculty Senate discussion: April 7, 2003
3. Rationale:

At the end of last year, the Faculty Senate considered detailed proposals for the Academic Plan and asked to see the plan as a whole and the details of its implementation strategies. A proposal for the plan and its implementation was sent to the president who said it should be reworked. The new version of the plan just has broad goals and not much on implementation. Senators expressed concern that a positive vote on the Academic Plan would imply that the senate approves the plan without seeing the implementation portion of the plan. Bruce Mallory could be invited to the first senate meeting in September, and also during the summer the senate's Agenda Committee could talk with the new provost and Bruce Mallory about these concerns.

4. Motion:

The Faculty Senate passed a motion to withhold the discussion of the Academic Plan until such time as the senate hears from the new provost and Bruce Mallory as to the issues of the plan's implementation.

5. Senate action: passed, on April 7, 2003

Vote: unanimous

Senate chair's signature: Barbara Krysiak, on May 12, 2003

Forwarded to: President Ann Hart, on May 13, 2003
Forwarded to: VPAA David Hiley, on May 13, 2003
Forwarded to: Jim Varn , on May 13, 2003
Forwarded to: Bruce Mallory, on May 13, 2003

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