UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on American Sign Language

American Sign Language Motion

including six sub-motions


1. Sponsoring committee:  Academic Affairs Committee

2. Motion presenter:  Bill Stine

3. Date of Faculty Senate discussion:  4/3/06

4. Motion:

The Academic Affairs Committee asks that the Faculty Senate pass the following six motions.

Motion 1:  The Academic Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate has received the report of the Task Force on American Sign Language.  The task force has met its charge admirably.  The Faculty Senate thanks the members of the task force for their extraordinary efforts.

Motion 2:  The Faculty Senate reaffirms its motion of 23 March, 1992, allowing students to demonstrate a proficiency in a foreign language by completing a one-year college level course in American Sign Language.

Motion 3:  The Faculty Senate re-affirms the right of departments to establish their own foreign language proficiency requirement for their students-in-major and to determine which non-English languages can be used to satisfy that requirement.

Motion 4:  The Faculty Senate asks the administration to review the enrollment patterns in American Sign Language and Languages, Literatures and Culture courses, to determine the scope of non-compliance with the rule that the foreign language proficiency requirement for Bachelor of Arts candidates must be met by the end of a student's sophomore year, and report back to the senate with its findings and recommendations.

Motion 5:  Under degree requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree, the Faculty Senate requests that the UNH Undergraduate Catalog be amended to read (sections in italics represent changes):

      3. Proficiency in a foreign language at the level achieved by satisfactory work in a one-year, college-level course.  This requirement may be fulfilled by taking a College Board foreign language achievement test or by completing the equivalent of a full-year elementary course in any foreign language (must be 8 UNH credits or equivalent), or by completing the equivalent of a semester of a course in a foreign language beyond the elementary year (must be 4 UNH credits or equivalent), or by completing the equivalent of a one-year college-level course in American Sign Language (must be 8 UNH credits or equivalent).

Motion 6:  The Faculty Senate asks the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, in consultation with the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, to renumber ASL I (Comm 533) and ASL II (Comm 733) with numerical prefixes consistent with those of the elementary language courses.

5.  Senate action:  passed

Vote:   Motion one passed unanimously.

Motion two passed with twenty-three ayes, nine nays and four abstentions. 

Motion three passed unanimously.

Motion four passed unanimously except for one abstention.

Motion five passed unanimously except for one nay.

Motion six passed unanimously except for one nay.

Senate chair’s signature:  David Richman 

Forwarded to:  President Ann Hart, on ___________, 2006

Forwarded to:  Provost Bruce Mallory, ___________, 2006

Forwarded to:  Vice Provost Alan Ray, ___________, 2006

Forwarded to:  Mark Rubinstein, on ___________, 2006

Forwarded to:  Kathryn Forbes, on ___________, 2006

Forwarded to:  Communication Sciences Department Chair, on ___________, 2006

Forwarded to:  Languages, Literatures and Cultures Department Chair, on ___________, 2006


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