Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program Degrees


The Department of Earth Sciences offers four undergraduate degree options: BS in Earth Sciences, BA in Earth Sciences, BA in Earth Science Teaching, and BS in Hydrology. The suggested course schedule differs somewhat among degree options. Select an option below for more information.

  • BA Earth Sciences
  • BA ES Teaching
  • BS Earth Sciences
  •       ESci. Senior Capstone

  • BS Environmental Sciences (Hydrology)*
  • *This is an interdisciplinary major that is part of the Environmental Sciences Program but administered by the Earth Sciences Department
    Previously offered degree options – These degrees are available only to students who entered on or before Spring 2013.

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    Earth Sciences

    The Department of Earth Sciences offers a minor in Earth sciences available to all University students. The Earth sciences minor provides an opportunity for students to complement their major field of study with foundational knowledge and essential skills in the geosciences.  As with all minors offered at UNH, the Earth Sciences minor adheres to the following University requirements:

    Courses in the Earth sciences minor must include both introductory and more advanced ESCI courses. Strongly recommended introductory courses include ESCI 401, The Dynamic Earth or ESCI 409, Geology and the Environment (students may not receive credit for both ESCI 401 and ESCI 409) and ESCI 402, Earth History. More advanced courses must include at least one at the 600 or 700 level. Specific courses in the program are selected in consultation with a minor adviser in the Department of Earth Sciences, with flexibility in approved courses to accommodate interests in different aspects of the geosciences.  Interested students should see the Earth Sciences undergraduate program coordinator, Joe Licciardi, (603) 862-3135; joe.licciardi@unh.edu, and complete an Intent to Minor form no later than their junior year.  Forms can be picked up in the Earth Sciences main office, 214 James Hall.


    The minor in oceanography is available to all students in the University interested in obtaining a broad background in oceanography. The minor consists of a minimum of five courses with grades of C (2.00) or better and no pass/fail courses. No more than 8 major requirement credits may be used. All courses in the program are selected in consultation with the oceanography minor adviser, Dr. Jamie Pringle, (603) 862-5000, to complete an Intent to Minor form no later than their junior year. Forms can be picked up in the Earth Sciences departmental office, 214 James Hall.

    Required courses include one (1) ESCI 501, Introduction to Oceanography; two (2) of the following courses: ESCI 750, Biological Oceanography; ESCI 752, Chemical Oceanography; ESCI 758, Introductory Physical Oceanography; ESCI 759, Geological Oceanography; 3) any two of the following courses, or a suitable substitute approved by the minor advisor (at least one of these courses should be in the biological sciences): PBIO 625, 722; CIE 757; ENE 747, 753; ESCI 653, 658, 754, 756, 760, 770, 771; MICR 707; OE 690, 710, 753, 754, 757, 785; EREC 611; TECH 797; ZOOL 503, 560, 674, 720, 725, 730, 751, 753, 772, 775; ZOOL/ESCI/750.


    Department of Earth Sciences Honors-in-Major Requirements

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