Faculty & Staff

Rosemarie Came
Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences

Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 2005
email address: Rosemarie (dot) Came (at) unh (dot) edu

Rosemarie Came

Research Interests:

My primary area of research is paleoclimatology, with a specific interest in the forcings that initiate climate changes, and the mechanisms by which climatic signals propagate globally. To this end, I have investigated abrupt climate events of the recent geologic past (i.e., since the last glacial period), as well as the evolution of the Earth's climate over the last 600 million years.

My laboratory methods include foraminiferal trace and minor element geochemistry, and carbonate clumped isotope geochemistry. I am especially interested in the integration of paleoclimate data and model simulations, which is achieved through collaborations with climate modelers and dynamicists.

I am happy to speak with motivated prospective graduate students.



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