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Joan Cabato

Joan Alincastre Cabato
Postdoctoral Research/Teaching Associate

Ph.D. Heidelberg University, Germany
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Hi, I’m Joan Alincastre Cabato and I love volcanoes!

I did my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Geology at the University of the Philippines. My doctorate was a scholarship grant from the German Academic Exchange (DAAD) done at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg in Germany.

Most of my research has been focused on light element concentrations and Li isotopes of major mineral phases in volcanic rocks, and quite recently, volatiles in melt inclusions of mafic minerals. I particularly like doing in situ analyses using the Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer (SIMS) and Electron-Probe Micro-Analyzer (EPMA). Using these tools to investigate igneous processes and physico-chemical conditions, our research group seeks to characterize volcanic systems, which we hope will eventually aid in eruption prediction.


Selected Conference Presentations:

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