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M.S. Programs

The Department of Earth Sciences offers Master of Science degrees in Earth Sciences with concentrations in Geology, Hydrology, Oceanography, Ocean Mapping, and Geochemical Systems. Thesis and non-thesis options are available for all degrees. The core curriculum differs somewhat among degrees. Select a degree below for more information.

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Ph.D. Earth and Environmental Sciences

The Doctor of Philosophy degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences is offered through the interdisciplinary Natural Resources and Earth System Science program. This program offers students interested in Earth sciences (e.g. geology, oceanography, ocean mapping, hydrology, climate science, or geochemical systems) an opportunity to pursue a Ph.D. degree that is tailored to their interests. No specific core curriculum is given for the Ph.D. program, as the necessary preparation will vary according to the history of each individual student. All Ph.D. students are expected to consult regularly with their advisors and guidance committees to determine appropriate coursework and research topics.

Certificate in Ocean Mapping: Basic and Advanced

The goal of this graduate certificate program is to provide advanced graduate training to working professionals in the area of Ocean Mapping. These professionals will come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from earth science, geology, biology, to engineering. To meet the demands of this broad audience the graduate certificate program has two components. The first component, a graduate certificate in ocean mapping (basic) is awarded for completion of four core courses. The second component, a graduate certificate in ocean mapping (advanced) is awarded for successful completion of three additional electives (totaling at least 10 credits). It is possible to select courses for the advanced certificate, which would fulfill the Category A (professional) International Federation of Surveyors/International Hydrographic Organization (FIG/IHO) Standards of Competence for Hydrographics Surveyors. Successful completion of, or concurrent enrollment in courses for the basic certificate is necessary to begin the advanced certificate. For more information please visit the ocean mapping Web site ( or contact Linda Prescott ( at the Center of Coastal and Ocean Mapping Joint Hydrographic Center. For application instructions, please visit the Graduate School PBACC site (

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