Timms Hill
       7 ½’ X 15’ quad: Timms Hill, WI
       Price County
       Ice Age National Scenic Trail
       Timms Hill County Park

1,951 ft (595 m)

Timms Hill viewed from the north. (PJT, 2004)

High point marker on a rainy day, under the older of two towers. (TBT, 2004)

Bedrock: No rock exposed at surface.
Underlying bedrock is Precambrian.

Early Proterozoic ~1870 Ma

Mafic to ultramafic rocks, delineated by positive magnetic and gravity anomalies, are surrounded by mafic to felsic metavolcanic rocks. The Niagara fault zone, along which the Wisconsin Magmatic Terrane was thrust north onto continental margin rocks, lies to the north of Timms Hill. Rib Mountain, which is a more abrupt bedrock hill made of quartzite near Wausau (elevation 1924 feet), can be seen from the fire tower.

Surficial Geology: Quaternary (Pleistocene) This is classic kame and kettle terrane, dotted by low hills and small ponds, in a glacial moraine left by Wisconsinan glaciers. Six lobes of ice invaded Wisconsin. Timms Hill lies in the Wisconsin River Lobe, which advanced a bit less far than the Chippewa Lobe to the west and Langlade Lobe to the east. The trail to the summit can be slippery in wet weather due to the high clay content of the glacial till.

Soil Series: No soil survey has been published for Price County.

Selected References:

  • Sims, P.K., 1989, Geologic map of Precambrian rocks of Rice Lake one degree X two degree quadrangle, northeastern Wisconsin: U.S. Geological Survey.

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