Woodall Mt. (Bear Mt.)
       7 ½’ quadrangle: Iuka, MS
       Tishomingo County, Private Land

806 ft (246 m)

Summit of Woodall, showing yellowish-brown soil. (1991)

Bedrock: No rock exposed at surface.
Underlying bedrock is likely Mississipian and Devonian.

Upper Cretaceous

Surficial Geology: Tuscaloosa Formation. Weathered alluvial gravel and sand, deposited as part of the Gulf Coastal plain. The underlying Paleozoic sedimentary rocks in this area are exposed only in larger creek valleys.

Soil Series: Ruston sandy loam: well drained, gently sloping, yellowish-brown to yellowish-red soil, often thinned by erosion. Acidic, moderately permeable, developed on deeply weathered parent material under pine forests. Typically eroded by a dendritic drainage pattern.

Selected References:

  • Miller, Karl H. and L.C. Murphree, 1983, Soil Survey of Tishomingo County, Mississippi, Soil Conservation Service, USDA.

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