Driskill Mountain
       7 ½’ quadrangle: Bryceland, LA
       Bienville Parish
       Private land. (check www.Highpointers.org for access information)

535 ft (163 m

Bedrock: None exposed.

Surficial Geology: Cook Mountain Formation, Claiborne Group. Tertiary (Eocene)
Greenish-gray sideritic and glauconitic clays in the upper part, and a fossiliferous marl in the lower part. These fluviatile sediments were deposited in brackish and marine environments. Driskill Mountain lies in the Sabine Uplift, a flat-topped dome in northwestern Louisiana and adjacent Texas, which rose as the younger coastal plain sediments around it subsided.

Soil Series: Darley gravelly fine sandy loam. Moderately deep, well drained, acidic, brown to red lateritic soil. Clay-rich red clay subsoil very slippery when wet.

Selected References:

  • Hudnall, W.H., 2002, Landforms and Surface Geology in Cooley, Michael C. and others, Soil Survey of Bienville Parish, Louisiana : U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service.

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