Mt. Sunflower
       7 ½’ quadrangle: Mt. Sunflower, KS-CO
       Wallace County
       Private land
       High Plains

4,039 ft (1,231m)

Sunflower sculpture at sunset. (TBT, 1991)

Bedrock: Ogallala Formation

Tertiary (Miocene)

Porous, uncemented sand and gravel eroded from the Rocky Mountains. See further discussion for Panorama Point, Nebraska.

Surficial Geology: Pleistocene wind-blown loess.

Soil Series: Ulysses silt loam: Gently sloping, well drained, mildly alkaline, grayish-brown soil developed on pale brown calcareous silt under prairie grasses. Subsoil may show lime accumulations (caliche).

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Selected References:

  • Hamilton, Vernon L. and others, 1986, Soil Survey of Wallace County, Kansas, U.S. Soil Conservation Service.
  • Trimble, D. E., 1980, The Geologic Story of the Great Plains: A nontechnical description of the origin and evolution of the landscape of the Great Plains: U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1493.

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