Britton Hill
       7½’ quadrangle: Paxton, FL/AL
       Walton County
       Lakewood County Park

345 ft (105 m)

Florida image

High point monument in Lakewood Park (1991).

Bedrock: None exposed.

Surficial Geology: Marine quartz sand

Pleistocene and Holocene

Marine quartz sand, derived from reworking of the underlying Plio-Pleistocene Citronelle Formation during periods of higher sea level. The Citronelle is dominated by cross-bedded lenticular sands, but grain sizes range from clay to gravel.

Soil Series: Fuquay loamy sand: well drained, nearly level soil formed under longleaf pine, slash pine, loblolly pine, turkey oak, laurel oak, and pineland three-awn wiregrass. Soil typically more than five feet thick.

Selected References:
Overing, John D. and others, 1989, Soil Survey of Walton County, Florida: Soil Conservation Service.

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