If any viewer has access to similar materials unlikely to be available to the rest of us, please think of putting them on the web. Most schools and libraries support web sites and have helpful personnel. The familiarity with a significant scientific work that is gained in the course of preparing material for the web is reward in itself. To paraphrase Smith’s own comment on the "Strata Identified..." there are no admission requirements to publish on the web, no special training involved, no barriers to this direct communion with the history of ideas. And there are neither exams nor grades nor fees for its use. CJS


We gratefully acknowledge the anonymous gift of 19 photographs from which the copy of Smith’s great map was made. A photograph of Smith’s Table was provided by the William Smith Collection, University Museum of Natural History, Oxford University, England (through the good offices of Hugh Torrens). Gary Samson, Doug Prince, John Finarelli, now at the University of Chicago and Sherry Palmer provided graphics support and advice. The Earth Sciences Department of the University of New Hampshire provided not only the internet site and service but much of the out of pocket costs for photography and scanning. And nothing would have made it past my computer without the skills and services of Sue Clark who took my documents and images and transferred them to the web site.

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