ENE MP Grading Metric


UNH Standard

ENE MP Standard

Level of Competency

Perception of Performance by an Experienced Engineer

Quality of Work

Need for Further Review and Instruction

A (4.0)



Mastery. Above level expected of a typical student or new hire at this level.

Experienced engineer would be impressed by quality of work, would be pleased by work output, and would see leadership potential.

Creative. Innovative. Student finds new ways to solve difficult problems. Few minor errors, if any, exist. No significant omissions. Work is clear, concise, readily checked, and can serve as a reference to others.

Student has mastered the subject and is capable of teaching others.

B (3.0)



Competent. Level expected of a typical student or new hire.

Experienced engineer would be satisfied.

Occasional errors or minor omissions. On review, student can recognize problems and can correct them without supervision.

Student is capable and can review topics on his or her own where needed.

C (2.0)

Satisfactory, Competent


Minimal level of competence. Below level expected of an entry-level engineer for assignment of work in this area.

Experienced engineer would be concerned.

Some errors or omissions present. Student may not find problems independently but can correct them with the aid of reference material.

Deficiencies exist. Student encouraged to study reference materials

D (1.0)



Incompetent. Should not be assigned work in this area.

Experienced engineer would be disappointed.

Work riddled with errors or substantially incomplete. Student cannot find problems and may not be able to correct them without direct supervision and guidance.

Poor understanding of the subject. Student advised to repeat coursework.

F (0.0)



Incapable of producing useful work in this area.

Experienced engineer would be alarmed, would certainly reassign the employee, and might consider firing a new hire for performing at this level.

Work of little or no value. Student may not be able to correct problems even with direct supervision.

Little or no understanding. Student must repeat coursework in its entirety.