ENE Program MP Emphasis
Student Code of Ethics
University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH

I understand that the work of environmental engineers impacts society in a variety of social, economic, and environmental ways and that professional negligence can result in the loss of property, widespread illness, damage to the environment, and the loss of human life. I understand that environmental engineering practice, therefore, requires high ethical standards that hold paramount the safety health, and welfare of the public. By signing below, I pledge the following:

  • I commit myself to be honest and to honor and respect the rights of others.

  • I will not plagiarize, cheat on exams, assist others in doing so, or tolerate such behavior in others.

  • I have received and read the ASCE Engineering Code of Ethics. I understand what is written therein, and pledge to uphold this Code of Ethics both as a student and as a practicing engineer.

  • I have received and read Section 9 on Academic Honesty of the document Student Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities, of the University of New Hampshire and will pursue my academic work at UNH in a straightforward and truthful manner, free from deception or fraud. Furthermore, I understand the procedures for dealing with academic misconduct and understand the consequences including the possibility of outright dismissal from UNH.


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