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Engaged Scholars


Engaged Scholars Academy

Quotes from recent graduates:

"Through the Engaged Scholarship Academy, I learned that engaged scholarship provides tangible benefits to all members of the partnership. These benefits include outcomes and impacts on the target audience, published work that disseminates the information learned through the activity and lessons learned for future work."

"My experience in engaged scholarship will be helpful in guiding junior faculty that may have interests in outreach work, or are doing outreach work – that they build in sufficient scientific rigor, so that their outreach work will lead to publishable results."

"I feel the lesson for the academic side is to look around to see who else is involved in similar work and who are appropriate collaborators both within UNH and in the greater NH (or greater) community."

"One major difference is that now I would highlight the concepts of generating and applying knowledge with equal emphasis. In addition, not only do academic and community partners benefit from engaged scholarship, but so does the greater public."

"I feel I have a much better sense of how to make the engaged scholarship mutually beneficial for the community partner and for the faculty member."

"I have learned how to document my engaged scholarship and have it assessed by national experts... this work would be servicing the strategic objectives of UNH."

"I would now place a higher value on intellectual or scholarly products that result from a given activity as metrics of effectiveness."