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What Is Emotional Intelligence?

What sort of an intelligence is it? For an overview of the topic click here.


Emotional Intelligence: Correlates

What does emotional intelligence predict (correlate with)? Some key considerations and findings are examined here.


Measuring Emotional Intelligence

Can emotional intelligence be measured? For selected topics related to assessing EI click here.


Improving Emotional Knowledge and Social Effectiveness

Can emotional intelligence be improved? If so, does that help? Click here to see a discussion.


Controversies in Emotional Intelligence

Does emotional intelligence matter? Is it the most important predictor of success in life -- or nothing new? Commentators weigh in here.


List of Articles from Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Group with Some Links to Reprints

Scientific articles are available for download on this site; to obtain them, click here.


Cognition and Affect

Not all emotional influences on thought are intelligent. Cognition and Affect is the area that studies such effects. To learn more click here.


About the Mayer - Salovey - Caruso Emotional Intelligence Tests (MSCEIT's)

How is the MSCEIT used? See an overview and selected topics here.


Measuring Mood, Meta-Mood, and Empathy

For discussions and downloads of measures of mood, the reflective (meta-) experience of mood, and empathy, click here.


Site-Related Links

To see other sites that contain responsible information on emotional intelligence click here.

On-Line Resources from Others.

What other reprints and lectures are available on this site? To see, click here.


Beyond Emotional Intelligence

To find out more about "personal intelligence"--a new theory of hot intelligence that broadens the idea of emotional intelligence, click here.

About this Site

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