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About This Site

Editorial Policy of the Site

Interesting and thoughtful contributions about emotional intelligence are welcome (please submit them as e-mails to me -- see contact information).

Note that, though I will try to be fair and open in my decisions as to whether or not to post a contribution, for the present, there is no editorial board. That is, I retain full discretion as to whether or not to post the submission.

I will evaluate submissions according to:

  1. the quality of the writing
  2. interest level
  3. relevance to emotional intelligence
  4. (where relevant) support of high-quality scientific reasoning and/or openness to empirical evidence
  5. length (shorter pieces -- < 1,000 words -- are preferred

For all authors, I pledge to:

  1. check with you before I post anything of yours
  2. contribute editing, with your permission

...and, if I respond to what you have written with my own opinion piece or thought piece...

  1. I will show you my response before posting it, and allow you to comment on it.
  2. Give you the option to withdraw both your piece and my response (this latter policy is to reassure authors that my goal is to teach and learn on this site).