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Emotional Intelligence...The capacity to think clearly about emotions, and the capacity of emotions to enhance thought.

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What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Measuring Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence: Implications

Improving Emotional Knowledge and Social Effectiveness

What is emotional intelligence? How do you measure emotional intelligence? What does emotional intelligence predict? Can emotional knowledge be taught?
The Four-Branch Model of emotional intelligence Why measure emotional intelligence?   Links to sites on personality and emotional change.
How does this model compare to other approaches to emotional intelligence? What are the Mayer - Salovey - Caruso Emotional Intelligence Tests (MSCEITs)?  
On-Line Resources from Others.
A glossary of terms related to EI How reliable a measure is the MSCEIT?   Postings on behalf of the Health, Emotion, and Behavior Laboratory, Peter Salovey, Director (Including EI materials)
Why study emotional intelligence together with personality psychology? How valid a measure is the MSCEIT?

Mood Measurement and Cognition and Affect

David Rosete's 5th Annual Emotional Intelligence Conference: "A leader's edge -- What attributes make an effective leader?" and a PDF of the talk
What do MSCEIT items look like?
Who is emotionally intelligent?
  Success without high EI. A copy of the BMIS mood scale  

Controversies in Emotional Intelligence

Using the Mayer - Salovey - Caruso Emotional Intelligence Tests (MSCEIT's)

A French translation of the BMIS mood scale

Reprints of Articles

Is emotional intelligence the best predictor of success in life?
Providing test feedback for those taking psychological tests Scoring instructions for the BMIS
Key laboratory reprints 1990-1999
Have the originators of EI missed the point of their own work?...Part 1: The Problem ...Part 2: What are the advantages of a more focused approach to EI?...Part 3: The advantages (Continued) ...with Joshua Freedman Iinterpreting and understanding MSCEIT Scores Factor analysis of the BMIS
Key laboratory reprints 2000-2002
Research discount policy on the MSCEIT Published articles using the BMIS Key laboratory reprints 2003-Present
Developing Local Norms or Norms for Specialized Groups "Affective Learning:  A Manifesto" -- by Rosalind Picard et. al. (2004) Key laboratory reprints on the MSCEIT

Is emotional intelligence old wine in new bottles? ...with Frank Landy

What are some research alternatives to using the MSCEIT? Key laboratory reprints 1985-present Key laboratory reprints most accessible to non-psychologists

Can self-report measures contribute to the measurement of emotional intelligence? ...with Joseph Ciarrochi

What kinds of data pertain to emotional intelligence? A copy of the Multidimensional Emotional Empathy Scale  
Emotional intelligence: Why use self-report measures at all? ...with Joseph Ciarrochi and John Michela How can I obtain the MSCEIT and related tests?    
Critical thinking about emotional intelligence (EI): The Gee-Whiz argument. Translations of the MSCEIT test    
Does the Systems Framework for Personality Psychology (SPFF) represent the next wave of emotional intelligence research?
The Publisher's web site    
David Caruso's MSCEIT website

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