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The TMMS -- A Portugese Translation of the TMMS*

I am delighted to post a Portugese translation of the Trait Meta-Mood Scale.

Queirós, M. M., Fernández-Berrocal, P., Extremera, N. Carral, J. M. C. y Queirós, P. S. (2005). Validação e fiabilidade da versão portuguesa modificada da Trait Meta-Mood Scale. Revista de Psicologia, Educaão e Cultura, 9, 199-216.

To download a PDF of the Portugese version of the scale, along with a description of its use, please click here.

*The original English version of the scale is in Salovey, P., Mayer, J. D., Goldman, S., Turvey, C, & Palfai, T. (1995). Emotional attention, clarity, and repair: Exploring emotional intelligence using the Trait Meta-Mood Scale. In J. W. Pennebaker (Ed.) Emotion, disclosure, and health (pp. 125-154). Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association.