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Measuring Mood, Meta-Mood, and Empathy

Measuring Mood

Measuring the Meta-Experience of Mood

Measuring Emotional Empathy

Laboratory reprints concerning mood and meta-mood research

A French Translation of the BMIS

A French translation of the BMIS has been prepared by Dr. Nathalie Dalle and Professor Paula Niedenthal.

For a copy of the translation in Word, click here.

The scale is employed in two publications:

Dalle, N., & Niedenthal, P.M.. (2003). La réorganisation de l'espace conceptuel au cours des états émotionnels [Reorganization of the conceptual space during emotional states]. L’Année Psychologique, 104, 585-616. PUF.

Niedenthal, P.M., & Dalle, N. (2000). Le mariage de mon meilleur ami: Emotional response categorization during naturally induced emotions. European Journal of Social Psychology, 31, 737-742.

For questions regarding the scale please contact Dr, Dalle:

Nathalie Dalle - Ph.D

University of Blaise Pascal

Department of Psychology - LAPSCO

34 avenue Carnot

63037 Clermont-Ferrand, Cedex, France