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Measuring Mood, Meta-Mood, and Empathy

Measuring Mood

Measuring the Meta-Experience of Mood

Measuring Emotional Empathy

Laboratory reprints concerning mood and meta-mood research

Factor Analysis of the BMIS

How to Obtain the Same Factors I/We Have with the BMIS

To reproduce the factor analyses in the way that we had done, you need to do five things:

1. Ask for principle axis factoring. That adjusts for item reliability.
2. Ask for an unrotated solution.
3. Ask for a varimax-rotated solution.
4. ...this is crucial: Limit the factors to 2. Although more factors won't matter in the unrotated case, they will change results in the rotated case.
5. Now check your results. Usually -- almost always, in fact,
  • You will get two unrotated factors that correspond to Pleasant-Unpleasant, Aroused-Calm mood.

  • You will get two varimax rotated factors that correspond to Negative affect and Positive affect.