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My colleague Peter Salovey, now Dean of Yale College, has a laboratory web site with some downloadable reprints, at his Health, Emotion, and Behavior Lab.

The Geneva Emotion Group, headed by several faculty at the University of Geneva, maintains an excellent web site that disseminates considerable information relevant to emotions and to emotional knowledge.

My colleague, David Caruso, maintains a web site related to emotional intelligence and its measure at: www.emotionaliq.org. There, you can find out more about the 4 branch model of EI and the MSCEIT tests.

EMONET is a list-serve, and now, website, that disseminates information about emotions and their study in organizations. (Link broken.)

The SIOP web page has some information on EI, including, Will the real emotional intelligence please stand up?... An article on the SIOP web page by Catherine S. Daus and Neil M. Ashkanasy.