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There are so many web sites touching on emotional intelligence that it would be difficult for anyone to list them all. Here are a few sites of people I know from my contacts with them.

The first list includes individuals who are especially conversant with the EI model that my colleagues and I employ -- indeed, one of the sites is maintained by one of my collaborators, David Caruso.

The "Additional Sites" list includes individuals who may base their work on our own or related models, or simply have something interesting to say that is related to emotional intelligence.

In the United States, a new EI Skills group has just opened, cofounded by my colleague David Caruso, and dedicated to disseminating the Ability model of EI to people. You can see their site at http://www.eiskills.com/

In South Africa, try Jopie Van Rooyen, Associates.

In Norway, try Randi Noyes. (Link broken.)

In Japan, EQ Japan disseminates information on emotional intelligence (and the Japanese version of the MSCEIT test) http//www.eqi.co.jp/.

Additional Sites of Interest

Charles W. Wolfe at Charles J. Wolfe Associates, LLC, distributes the MSCEIT and engages in management coaching more generally www.cjwolfe.com

Liane J. Leedom, M.D., is a physician interested in educating the general public, and a subset of parents in particular, concerning the at-risk issues of children of people with antisocial personality disorder. She offers techniques to reduce the likelihood of antisocial personality disorder and addiction in such children, who often are at some genetic risk for such problems.  Her web site is http://parentingtheatriskchild.com/

Disclosure: In some instances above, I have had some commercial relationship -- delivering lectures, publishing tests, consulting -- with the individuals or organizations.