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Improving Emotional Knowledge and Social Effectiveness

Overview of Improving Emotional Knowledge and Social Effectiveness

If emotional intelligence is an important emotional ability, can it be raised? Perhaps the smarter question is, “is it possible to learn about emotions, and if so, will it promote a better life?”

One of the key issues in this area is, first, to distinguish the scientific research from any journalistic accounts you may be familiar with. Unfortunately, such accounts initially greatly exaggerated the role of emotional intelligence in success in life. More recently, most journalists have acknowledged and clarified that such claims were in error or were due to misunderstandings.

Discussion about EI's significance can be found in some parts of the "Controversies" section of the site.

It is fair to ask, however, about raising emotional knowledge. This section outlines some of the differences between the scientific research and journalistic accounts, and provides a beginning examination of the issue of learning about emotions. To learn more, click on the associated topics (the narrative will appear beneath the menu).