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Controversies in Emotional Intelligence

Controversies Include...

Overview of EI Controversies

In the early days of emotional intelligence, many individuals embraced the idea while many others remained skeptical of it. And even those who liked the idea of emotional intelligence disagreed as to what it is and how to measure it.

In this section of the web site, I have compiled discussions among psychologists and others interested in EI, that represented some of the controversies of mid 2000s. Many of these discussions were conducted via e-mail, and all are posted with the writers’ permissions. The discussions include such topics as whether scientists studying emotional intelligence have missed the significance of their own concept, whether emotional intelligence is, in fact, a new idea, and how to measure emotional intelligence.

Some, though not all, of the controversies have since been resolved (for example, see the review of the field in the 2008 Annual Review of Psychology); other controversies remain today. Whether resolved or not, however, these e-mail discussions provide a unique insight into the developing thinking regarding theory and research in the area.

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