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The Annual Review Posting

11 November 2007 -- Preprint Online. A preprint of the forthcoming review of emotional intelligence research in the Annual Review of Psychology now is available on this site.

Please Note: This copy is an updated version of the "Reviews in Advance" version of the article now available on the Annual Review site itself. Until the final version of the article is posted on their site, the version here is the most up-to-date on the web.

The Annual Review of Psychology is, as the title indicates, published each year, with the purpose of covering the major areas of the discipline of psychology over a several-year cycle. More generally, the Annual Review web site states:

Annual Reviews is proud to publish authoritative, analytic reviews in 33 focused disciplines within the Biomedical, Physical, and Social Sciences. Annual Reviews publications are among the most highly cited in scientific literature. Annual Reviews offers publications in print and online to individuals, institutions, and consortia throughout the world. Learn More About Annual Reviews.

--From www.annualreviews.org

The advance copy here is posted with the permission of the authors and in accordance with the policies of the publisher.

The final formatting of the review is not yet complete. For that reason, the preprint below is divided into a PDF of the text as it now stands (some very minor copy edits still pending), and a separate PDF of the two figures (ditto -- minor copy edits).

Click here for the text of the preprint.

Click here for the figures from the preprint.