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About the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Tests (MSCEIT's)

Introduction to the MSCEIT Tests

Obtaining the MSCEIT

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Primarily for Researchers...

How Can I Obtain the MSCEIT Test(s)?

The MSCEIT tests are available through MHS of Toronto, Canada.

Availability of the MSCEIT

The MSCEIT is commercially available and can be ordered through the MHS web site (see above). If you are in Europe, Asia, or Africa, you may prefer to find a local distributor (contact MHS for information).

Information on translations of the MSCEIT is available on this site (see the 'Translations' link).

If you are a researcher, please see information concerning research pricing on David Caruso's we bsite (see link above). He has done a great job of explaining it, so I have not duplicated his information here.

Availability of the MSCEIT-YV-R (Youth Version, Reseach Edition)

The MSCEIT-YV-R is currently undergoing research trials. Those interested in conducting research with the YV-R should contact the authors or the research department at MHS.

Here are some considerations regarding using the research edition of the MSCEIT-YV.

It has been my experience that early use of such instruments come with pros and cons.  The pros are that one is in a position to publish the first articles on the new scale. In addition, the MSCEIT-YV-R is, we believe, a very well-designed scale, attractive, and convenient to use.

There also are drawbacks, however. First, one is, to some extent, at the mercy of the testing company (MHS, in this case) in terms of when they complete their scoring systems for the test.  Plainly, it is in their interest to do so expediently, but they must also be careful and do a good job. In addition, early scoring systems are typically revised, so that, during the article-write-up process, you may elect to re-score your data with an improved system.  That leads, in turn, to (hopefully) only small revisions. If you are in a rush, please consider this carefully.

Another issue worth thinking about is that the MSCEIT-YV-R is a bit lengthy at present. The initial version is long so as to allow for cutting any items that work poorly at a later time. That means that one must allow for a bit of extra testing time (and some glazed-eyed test-takers) as well.

All that said, we believe the MSCEIT-YV-R represents a big advance over our earlier test for adolescents -- the MEIS-A. The MSCEIT-YV-R is a very attractive test; it was designed from the beginning with 10-to-18-year-olds in mind, and its construction was informed by all that we learned from building the MEIS, MEIS-A, and MSCEIT.