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Emergency Response Information


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Deputy Police Chief Paul Dean


Dear UNH community members,


The University of New Hampshire recognizes the need to be able to respond to and disseminate information on a variety of emergencies that may directly or indirectly affect the University community. To facilitate this responsibility the University has formed the University Emergency Group (UEG) and has developed an Emergency Operation Plan to facilitate decision making, communication and coordination of response activities in the event of an emergency. In addition, the UEG has created an Emergency Guide to help the campus community prepare for emergencies.

UNH has a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that guides decision-making, communication, and coordination of response activities in the event of an emergency. Testing and refinement of the plan is ongoing.

The plan provides information that will save lives during emergencies or disasters, and hasten the resumption of normal UNH operations after these events. It outlines procedures for responding to and recovering from a variety of emergency and disaster situations, including fires, hazardous material spills, medical emergencies, bomb threats, or major accidents.

I urge you to sign up for cell phone text alerts at Any time you get a text alert, you will be given a very general description of the emergency with instructions to go to the UNH homepage for updates.

As we know from the past, the campus is not immune to emergency situations, whether it is fires, student life issues, snowstorms, or chemical spills in one of our science laboratories. We have competent and experienced first responders and other staff who are specifically trained to address these emergencies, and it is our hope that with an emergency operations plan approved and in place, along with Web resources for our community, we will be prepared in the event of an emergency.


Deputy Police Chief Paul Dean
University Police
University of New Hampshire