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Emergency Response Information


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University Emergency Group

The University of New Hampshire recognizes the need to be able to respond to and disseminate information on a variety of emergencies that may directly or indirectly affect the University community. To facilitate this responsibility the University has formed the University Emergency Group (UEG) and has developed an emergency response plan to facilitate decision making, communication and coordination of response activities in the event of an emergency.

Emergencies that affect the University can be potential or actual events and range from a simple, small event to a large, complex event requiring numerous resources both internal and external to the University. Information relating to a potential or actual emergencies will be listed on this web site or will have a link to a site where information can be found. You will also find links to State and/or Federal sites of general emergency information.

In all emergencies, preparation before hand is one of the fundamental tenets toward mitigating the effects of any emergency. Individual university departments looking for assistance should contact the University’s Office of Health and Environmental Safety at 862-4041.

Questions concerning the University Emergency Group or University Emergency Plan can be directed to to Bradford Manning at 603-862-2571 or

Thank you.
Paul Dean
Deputy Police Chief
University of New Hampshire