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Pandemic Flu Preparedness

UNH has created a Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Plan (pdf) to help the campus prepare and respond to a pandemic influenza outbreak. The plan describes specific actions to be taken by University personnel in the event of an outbreak. The plan encompasses the various aspects of communication and education, preparedness, emergency response, and the recovery and maintenance efforts to take place in the event of an influenza pandemic. In addition, a brochure entitled, "Protecting Personnel During a Pandemic,"(pdf) has been written to describe the actions that will be taken to protect the health of the campus community in the event of an influenza outbreak.

New Hampshire Pandemic Influenza Plans

Influenza Pandemic Public Health Preparedness & Response Plan (doc)
New Hampshire Influenza Pandemic Public Health Preparedness and Response Plan (pdf)
Points of Dispensing Guide (doc)
Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan (pdf)
Training Plan for Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Bioterrorism (pdf)

Regional Planning

All Hazards Plan Template (doc)
Commissioner's Letter (pdf)
MOU Template for Pandemic Planning (doc)
Regional Pandemic Influenza Planning Points of Contact (doc)
Southern Strafford Community Health Coalition

New Hampshire DHHS Fact Sheets

Avian Influenza (pdf)
Avian Influenza and Pandemic Flu FAQs (pdf)

Avian Influenza and Safe Poultry Cooking (pdf)
Influenza (pdf)


Ask for a Mask (pdf)
Be a Germ Stopper (pdf)
Cover Your Cough/Clean Your Hands (pdf)

Wash Your Hands (pdf)

CDC Checklists

CDC Business Pandemic Planning Checklist (pdf)
CDC Faith-Based Community Organizations Preparedness Checklist (pdf)
CDC State and Local Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist (pdf)

Homeland Security Council

National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza: Implementation Plan (pdf)
National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza (pdf)

Other Resources:

Avian Influenza Web site
Brown University - Avian Influenza Preparedness Web site
CDC Avian Influenza Web site
CSHEMA Pandemic Influenza Resources for Colleges and Universities
US Government Pandemic Flu Web site
New Hampshire's Department of Health and Human Services
NH DHHS Avian Flu Presentation
UNH Avian Influenza Fact Sheet (pdf)