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UNH Emergency Preparedness -emergency find it

Emergency Response Information


Current Threat Level


Bomb Threat Response

    Possible Situations:

    A bomb threat has been received; no device has been located.

    A bomb threat has been received; a device has been located. (You may receive the threat directly by phone, mail, or messenger - or one of your co-workers may report the situation to you, or Campus Police may notify you of a threat.)


    All bomb threats will be taken seriously.
    SAFETY COORDINATORS SHOULD REPORT BOMB THREATS TO CAMPUS POLICE AT 911 IMMEDIATELY! DO NOT TOUCH ANY UNUSUAL OR SUSPICIOUS OBJECTS. Try to provide as much information as possible to the Dispatch operator and to the responding officers. You may or may not choose to assist the officers in searching the building. It is entirely voluntary.

    1. If you receive a bomb threat call, record the time of the call, ask questions, and take notes:
      • • When will the bomb go off?
      • • Where is it?
      • • What does it look like?
      • • Why was it placed in the building?
      • • Who is calling?

    2. Can you provide additional information by listening closely?
      • • Caller's gender:
      • • Approximate age:
      • • Was the voice familiar?
      • • Did the person have an accent or unique speech attribute?
      • • Can you describe any background noises during the call?

    3. If you receive a bomb threat note, and the note was hand delivered, try to remember the characteristics of the messenger or suspicious persons in the area.

    4. Evacuation Policy for Bomb Threats:

      Department Safety Coordinators or Department Supervisors do not make the decision to order a bomb threat building evacuation. The decision to order an evacuation for a bomb threat rests:

      a. With the Campus Police if a suspected device IS LOCATED.

      b. With the Chief of Police when a device is NOT LOCATED. If the Police Chief cannot be reached to make the decision, the responsibility passes to the ranking Police Officer.

      SAMPLE SCRIPT: "We have received a bomb threat. Evacuate the building. Do not touch any parcels. Meet at . Do not return to the building until it has been examined."