2008 Graduate Conference

"Challenging Faith: Intersections of Belief and Doubt in Literature, Composition, and the Profession"
hosted by the University of New Hampshire English Graduate Organization
March 7-8, 2008  •  University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, US

Conference Schedule

2008 UNH Graduate Conference: Challenging Faith
Schedule of Events




(MUB Theater I)
Introduction/Welcome: Matt Hurwitz
(MUB Theater I)
Keynote: Sharon O'Dair
"On the Moral Status of English Studies: Universal Access, Prestige-Driven Research, and Professional Inequality"
(MUB Theater I)
Introduction: Kate Gillen

Sessions: A1-A2

A1: The Dialectics of Belief: History and the Voice of God
(MUB 330)
Session Chair: Dennis Britton

  1. "George Herbert and the Game of Faith"
    Erin Elizabeth Peterson, Yale University
  2. “Dialectical Criticism: Doubt as a Middle Way between New Criticism and Deconstruction”
    Patrick Gray, Yale University

A2: Interrogating Disciplinary Belief
(MUB 338)
Session Chair: Michael Ferber

  1. "Belief as Barrier or Bridge: If Science is God, Where Does English Fit In?"
    Joleen Hanson, University of New Hampshire
  2. "Faith in Our Disciplines? Bridging the Comp-Lit Divide"
    Kate Gillen, University of New Hampshire
    Jim Webber, University of New Hampshire
Dinner Break
MFA Reading
(Hamilton Smith 101)
Introduction: Mike Gutierrez
Readers: Maria Barron, Astra Johnson and Sarah Stickney
Pub Crawl



Sessions: B1-B2

B1: Faith in America
(MUB 302)
Session Chair: Siobhan Senier

  1. "From the sand-hills of Nantucket': Melville's Landscapes of Resistance and Doubt in Moby Dick, Pierre, and Clarel"
    Brian Martin, Oregon State University
  2. "A Radical Indigenist Reading of Two Penobscot Texts: Learning to Listen”
    Michael LeBlanc, University of New Hampshire
  3. "'[T]he Greatest of these is Love': The Changing Voice of the Prophet in Light of the Violence of the Cross"
    Wiebke Omnus, Université de Montréal

B2: Faith in/of Our Students: Ideology, Self-Representation and Resistance
(MUB 330)
Session Chair: Thomas Newkirk

  1. "De-Calvinizing Composition: Toward a Theory of Student Agency"
    Melanie Yergeau, The Ohio State University
  2. "You're a GTA, I May Have Written This for You: False Ideology and Authority in the College Composition Classroom"
    Liz W. Faber, West Virginia University
  3. "Reaffirming Resistance: Writing Student Acts of Self-Representation into Composition Curricula"
    Megan Trexler, University of Massachusetts – Amherst

Lunch / Brown bag discussion
"Faith in English Studies: Belief and Doubt in the Profession"
Speakers: Patricia Bizzell, Sharon O'Dair and Reginald Wilburn
Moderator: Douglas Lanier
(MUB 330/332)


Sessions: C1-C2

C1: Encountering the Other
(MUB 302)
Session Chair: Sean Moore

  1. "Faith in the New World: Religious Signs in the Literature of New World Encounters"
    Genna Rae Welsh, University of Vermont
  2. "Gerald of Wales and the Manipulation of Religion in Ireland"
    David Lawrence, John Carroll University
  3. "How Do We Decide What to Believe?  The Derridean Decision, the Lyotardian Paradox, and Lacanian Desire”
    Anthony Zias, West Virginia University

C2: Faith in Composition's History
(MUB 330)
Session Chair: Paula Salvio

  1. "Toward a Holistic Rhetoric: The Recovery of Faith in Rhetoric"
    Lorelei Blackburn, DePaul University
  2. "Faith in Four Primary School Readers of the 'Gilded Age'"
    Rui Ma, University of New Hampshire
  3. "Faith in David Bartholomae's 'Inventing the University'"
    Sarah E. Gallup, Oregon State University

Keynote: Patricia Bizzell
"Faith-Based Initiatives in English Studies"
(MUB Theater I)
Introduction: Jim Webber

Dinner at Three Chimneys Inn