On behalf of the English Graduate Organization (EGO), we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the University of New Hampshire’s English Graduate program.

The program contains a diverse group of graduate students – literary scholars, essayists, fiction writers, poets, compositionists, and linguists – converging from all over the nation and the world. The EGO works to join together these distinct individuals into a productive and supportive academic community. Throughout the year, EGO organizes and sponsors professional and social activities such as Third Friday roundtable talks every month with faculty on issues concerning the academic profession, MFA student-readings, theory reading group, and the annual Halloween party.

If you have suggestions or concerns about academic or social events or would like information on life at UNH and the graduate program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Eden Wales Freedman

Luke Dietrich

EGO co-presidents

Mission statement

The mission of EGO is to provide our student population with representation among the faculty and administration of the University of New Hampshire and the English Department. We have an annually-elected executive board that sits on the Department of English Graduate Committee and the University's Graduate Student Organization (GSO). We plan and host professional development opportunities that range from workshops on personal statements and finding a publisher to discussions with current faculty on the state the profession. We plan social events including a spring recruitment day for accepted students, and bridge concentrations to bring students together for readings and academic conferences.

EGO also acts as a main source of information for both current and prospective graduate students. We provide information on the local area and housing, entertainment and more at our website, http://www.unh.edu/ego/, where we maintain a weblog, student directory and important announcements for students in our department. We inform our members of upcoming calls for papers, fellowships and professional opportunities and student concerns ranging from changes within academic policy to changes to health care and taxation policies. We work hard to maintain productive professional relationships through information, social events and academic opportunities for all of our members.


Our membership is composed of all active English graduate students upon entry into our program including writers, literary scholars, theory buffs, linguists, teachers and composition and rhetoric specialists. The wide range of skills presented allow for inspired discussions of the academic profession, the real world of publication, and much more. Our graduate students regularly present at national conferences, publish our work in nationally recognized journals or essay collections, participate in various organizations such as MLA and NAGPS, and take an active role in the University community. EGO's goal is to make our graduate students the most viable candidates they can be, for both academic and non-academic job opportunities.

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