"Experiential learning is a major cornerstone of the EcoGastronomy dual major.  Some experiences were:

  • participate in outside activities and write about them
  • field trips to farms, composting areas, farmers markets, and the like
  • hands on learning in a professional kitchen by actually cooking different kinds of dishes and entire meals
  • research on a real town in the community and wrote an actual needs assessment and then wrote a grant for an intervention project that we had developed for the town
  • farm visits, attend guest lectures, participate in community pot luck dinners,  herb walks and group cooking experiences, intern with kindergarten kids at the Early Sprouts program at the CSDC (Child Study and Development Center) on campus, participate in the organic garden club, SlowFood UNH, and the Waysmeet food drive for the cornucopia food basket.  Experiential learning goes beyond the classroom..."      Heather Rusaw, 2012, Nutrition and EcoGastronomy

Coming this Spring!

Regional and National Conferences

 People and Places to Visit

Wentworth Greenhouses, 141 Rollins Rd, Rollinsford, NH

Exeter High School, 315 Epping Road, Exeter, NH

  •  Gardens at Strawbery Banke, 14 Hancock St., Portsmouth  See how people lived for four centuries of New England history. 
  •  Portland Food Co-Op, 290 Congress St., Portland, ME   Full service grocery store, owned by members and open to the public, and focusing on local and organic products.
  •  Higher Ground Farm, Boston, MA Boston’s first roof-top farm and the 2nd largest roof farm in the world.    
  •  Stock and Spice, 25 Ceres St., Portsmouth, NH   small market dedicated to high quality spices and preserved local farm goods from the Black Trumpet Kitchen
  •  Interview a parent or grandparent.   Ask about their memories of food from childhood and record or write about what they say.

Area Events

Over 110 sugar houses statewide are open for the 20th Annual NH Maple Weekend. Join the fun and learn why they are celebrating the sweetest season of the year!!

  •  Pepin Lecture Series, 808 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 117, Boston University, Metropolitan College Reservations are required; RSVP by calling 617-353-9852.

 Volunteer or Attend a Meeting

  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen or food pantry

Please contact the site you plan to volunteer at prior to the day you plan to work for details about the time commitment and location.

The Waysmeet Center,  Cornucopia Food Pantry, 15 Mill Rd., Durham, NH
New Horizons for New Hampshire, 199 Manchester Street, Manchester, NH 03103
Nashua Soup Kitchen & Shelter, 42 Chestnut Street, Nashua, NH 03061

  •  Organic Garden Club  Meetings in the MUB Entertainment Centre at 6PM on Mondays and volunteer opportunities
  •  Slow Food UNH, Meetings in the MUB Entertainment Center at 6PM on Tuesdays and various events and volunteer opportunities
  • New at UNH - Spoon University   If you have a passion for food, here is the place you can share it with the rest of us. There are plenty of opportunities that Spoon U has to offer. You can apply by February 22nd athttp://unh.spoonuniversity.com to help with editing, writing, marketing, photography, videography, and event planning. You can even choose a leadership position. It will be a lot of fun, and new for everyone involved! And if you are too busy to be a part of the team, you can get involved just by reading and sharing articles when they come out.


common ground fairterra madre


Strawbery Banke 

Visit the gardens at Strawbery Banke
Portsmouth, NH


Organic Garden Club: tour and volunteer
Durham, NH

slow food UNH

Slow Food UNH meeting or event
MUB Entertainment Center

Wednesdays, 6 - 7 PM

Attend a Seacoast Slow Food event.

Buy Locally Grown Food

 Volunteer at a soup kitchen or food pantry
New Horizons for New Hampshire, Manchester, NH
Nashua Soup Kitchen & Shelter Nashua, NH

Maine Adult Education, Italian  Search Italian to find out where beginning Italian classes are being taught.