ECOG 698 Making Food: Engaged Learning through Local Material Culture - NEW EcoG 600+ level elective offered this fall!

making foodThis 600 level course  gives students an opportunity to learn directly about the ways in which local communities are sustaining our land, farms, historic sites and universities. 
Through class content, field trips, assignments and on line learning, the goal is to understand better the immediate region in which UNH is situated, to uncover the significance of its material resources, and to learn more about how we are essential players in the future of food and historic preservation initiatives in the region.

Please contact Course Instructor:  Hetty Startup  if you have any questions.

ECOG 698 (01) - Top/Mking Food: Eng.Learning

Term: Fall 2014 - Full Term (09/02/2014 - 12/12/2014)
Capacity:   20  
CRN: 16009
. Prereq: junior standing and permission.
(ECOG 698.01) Full title: Making Food: Engaged Learning Through Local Material Culture
Start DateEnd DateDaysTimeLocation
9/2/201412/12/2014T4:10pm - 7:00pmPaul College Business&Econ G93