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DropBio’s technology includes the proprietary formulation of various proteins, biological molecules, and biopolymers in a readily printable fluid, known as “bioink.” Its mission is to accelerate the advent of protein-based materials and devices by providing the world’s most advanced bioinks. The value proposition in their proposed initial products will be that a scientist or engineer can focus on engineering and fabricating devices out of its materials without worrying about the chemistry dynamics associated with the development of printable fluids (or bioinks) that form materials upon printing.


iRC is looking to bring innovation to remote control (RC) cars that will give users an entertaining system that is easy enough for use by a wide range of gamers. Its system provides the basic full functionality of an RC car but also enables players to play various games with each other.


NeighborFund delivers financial and social returns on short-term real estate investments for community members of all income levels who feel unqualified and insecure about traditional investing platforms. NeighborFund will initially focus on transitional areas near urban centers and will provide a platform where members will act as peer-to-peer lenders to fund renovation projects posted by local contractors. When a renovation is complete, NeighborFund will facilitate an auction to purchase the property, giving investors first right of purchase before going to market. When returns come back, NeighborFund will calculate the interest liability and offer an offsetting donation to a targeted community improvement project, providing immediate social impact.

ROIV Technologies (Remotely Operated Inspection Vehicle Technologies)

ROIV Technologies is focused on the development and integration of remotely operated inspection vehicle technologies for use in the underwater bridge construction and inspection industry. ROIV Technologies is in the process of developing underwater sensor and manipulation technology that will play a large role in the future of underwater bridge construction and inspections. Safety is a crucial factor in underwater industries that ROIV Technologies aims to make more accessible for dive and construction teams in industrial and smaller scale operations. ROIV Technology sensors and technologies will more accurately detect anomalies in a shorter time, resulting in reduced costs and risk and increasing revenue while providing more reliable results for end customers.