We'll update this leaderboard weekly with the students in the top ten spots for Visa Stamp Credits! 

Leaderboard - as of Friday, March 24th. 

To check your individual Visa Stamp Credit breakdown, as of March 24th, download this Zip folder and find your file by your UNH username. 

Total Visa Stamp Credits
1. Peter Abdu (17,100) 
2. Nicholas Barnard (16,200) 
3. Venus Chau (16,000) 
4. Mary Kelliher (15,300) 
5. Jamie Nelson (15,100)  
6. Brady Camplin  (13,800)
7. Abigail Kourafas (13,300)

8. Gina Occhipinti (13,300) 

9. Aboubacar Konate (11,900)
10. Dylan Wheeler (11,000)

Wondering how you can score the most Visa Stamp Credits? Check out the Events to Earn Visa Stamp Credits page for the complete list of events, activities, competitions, and meetings. 

Earn Achievement  Visa Stamp Badges




Attend the Kick-off event on February 12th!




Upon reaching 7,000 Visa Stamp Credits

34 students have reached this level so far!




Upon reaching 14,000 Visa Stamp Credits

5 students have reached this level so far!




Upon reaching 23,100 Visa Stamp Credits - current qualifying level for the $3,500 drawings