Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have a question about the i2 Passport Program? Check the list below!

1. What is the i2 Passport Program?

The i2 Passport Program (“Program”) was created by the Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center (ECenter), 21 Madbury Road, Suite 101, Durham, NH. 

The i2 Passport Program encourages full-time UNH Durham undergraduate degree-seeking students—from all colleges—to engage in various events and activities surrounding ideas, innovation, and entrepreneurship on campus and reward them with the chance to win prizes totaling $15,000 to help pay off student loans. This includes a FirstGen category (specific for students who are the first in their family to attend college and now at UNH).

2. Who can participate?

Any qualified undergraduate full-time degree-seeking student at University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH (“Participant”) may register online at the UNH Wildcat Link i2 Passport page anytime starting at 7:00 A.M. on January 17, 2017. Registration closes 6:00 P.M. on April 30, 2017. 

3. Can juniors and seniors participate? What about graduate students?

i2 Passport is open to all undergraduates only (freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors). At this time for the pilot of i2 Passport, graduate students can not participate.

4. How do I register?

Go to for registration information and links. You must be connected to UNH Wildcat Link to participate. The registration form is located under the Forms tab on the i2 Passport Wildcat Link page.

5. What are the dates?

The pilot i2 Passport Program occurs January 17, 2017 - May 8, 2017 and has been designed to test the feasibility and scalability of the Program.

6. Where do we find more info?

Go to

7. How do I receive communications from i2 Passport?

Information will be posted on Wildcat Link and You are required to have access to this information to participate.

Email is our primary form of communication and all emails will be sent to your UNH email address as supplied by you in the Registration process. Providing your accurate UNH email address is required. 

8. How do I verify I received my Visa Stamp Credits?

Visa Stamps Credits will be visible on the websites for each of the events/activities you participated in.  You can appeal if you participated and did not receive a Credit.  See the appeal process in the Terms and Conditions for details.

9. How do I know how I am doing for total Visa Stamp Credits?

Visa Stamps Credits will be visible on and the i2 Passport Wildcat Link website for each of the events/activities you participated in. There will be a top 10 leaderboard as well.

10. What happens if I didn’t get credit for an event/activity?

You can appeal if you participated in an event/activity, but did not receive Visa Stamp Credits.  See the appeal process in the Terms and Conditions.

11. What is a FirstGen Student? How do I know if I am one?

There is an additional category for First Generation students defined as first in their family to attend college (“FirstGen”). i2 Passport will verify your FirstGen status through UNH Center for Academic Resources (“CFAR”).  Status participation is restricted to those students who indicated they are FirstGen during the UNH undergraduate admissions application process and/or if Participant has been verified by the CFAR office at UNH even if they did not indicate FirstGen during the admissions process.  If you are FirstGen and elect to register as FirstGen during the i2 Passport Program registration process, you must self-select. There is no retroactive identification allowed as FirstGen after Program registration. If you are unsure of your FirstGen status you need to confirm with CFAR UNH prior to completing this registration.  In the event it is determined UNH does not currently identify you as FirstGen, i2 Passport will be deem Participant ineligible in this category, but Participant can still participate in the general i2 Passport program.

12. Where do I find the events and activities to earn Visa Stamp Credits?

Go to and the Wildcat Link i2 Passport pages.

13. How many Visa Stamp Credits are there?

Currently, the total possible number of Visa Stamp Credits is 35,000, but subject to change due to additions/cancellations and activities and events.

14. How do you track my participation?

Use of your UNH Durham student ID (“ID”) is required for participation and tracking in most circumstances in the i2 Passport Program. UNH Durham student ID’s will be swiped into the tracking system to record participation. By registering you agree to its use by i2 Passport Program.

15. Do I get anything if I don’t win any of the Grand Prize, Second Prize, or FirstGen Prize?

There are three levels of i2 Passport that can be achieved and earned – silver, gold, and platinum badges. In addition, there is an i2 Passport Certificate. Participants who have achieved the minimum level of 66% of the total possible Visa Stamp Credits (currently a minimum of 23,100 Visa Stamp Credits and subject to change in the event of event/activity addition/cancellation) will receive the i2 Passport Certificate indicating engagement in the ideas, innovation, and entrepreneurial opportunities at UNH.

16. What are the prizes?

  • Participants may only win one prize.  In the event a Participant is eligible for two prizes, the larger prize will be given preference except as defined in the Terms and Conditions.   i2 Passport prizes are intended to pay off student loans or be used for upcoming tuition.  While there is no legal requirement that the money be applied to loans/tuition, the University of New Hampshire, the ECenter, and i2 Passport Program all strongly encourage each winner to use the prize money in that manner.    

  • Participant must be present at the i2 Passport Finals on May 8th, 2017 to win any of the prizes unless you receive prior written approval from i2 Passport to be absent for extraordinary circumstances. The written request must be submitted to the ECenter Director no less than 2 hours prior to the i2 Passport Finals and include the Participant’s name, reason for absence, and the name and mobile telephone number of the person or persons (up to three) who will be in attendance and can receive the prize on absent Participant’s behalf. 

  • Grand Prize - All Participants are eligible. One (1) $8,000.00 cash prize (“Grand Prize”) will be awarded to the Participant who has the most Visa Stamp Credits. Total approximate retail value: $8,000. In the event that more than one Participant has the same number of Visa Stamp Credits, those Participants will either (i) split the prize equally if there are two tied Participants, or if more than two tied Participants, (ii) if and only if, all Participants who have the same leading amount of Visa Stamp Credits agree in advance, in confidential voting, to split the prize equally (allowing for 2nd prize drawing prior). Or in the event there is not unanimous agreement to split prize, will (iii) be entered into a drawing for the Grand Prize, with the remaining Participant(s) eligible for the Second Prize.  

  • Second Prize - One (1) $3,500.00 cash prize (“Second Prize”). Those Participants having achieved minimum level of 66% of total possible Visa Stamp Credits (currently a minimum of 23,100 Visa Stamp Credits.)

  • FirstGen Prize - One (1) $3,500.00 cash prize (“FirstGen Prize”). Those FirstGen Participants having achieved minimum level of 66% of total possible Visa Stamp Credits (currently a minimum of 23,100 Visa Stamp Credits).

  • i2 Passport Certificate - Participants who have achieved minimum level of 66% of total possible Visa Stamp Credits (currently a minimum of 23,100 Visa Stamp Credits.) 

17. What are the full rules and regulations?

Go to and the link to rules and regulations (terms and conditions) is there.

Didn't find the question/answer you're looking for? Email ECenter Program Manager Heather MacNeill at